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Register With Us

Please select what you’d like to apply for. You can check more than one.*

*Please note that we may select your department based on your experience for both “Primary” and “Secondary” positions.

State what you specialize in. *

The more you list, the bigger your exposure is to the clients.
Your “Primary” and “Secondary” should be the job you’d like to be considered for.
You must have 5-years of experience in Primary and 3-years of experience in Secondary positions.

If you have other skills, i.e., graphic design, video editing, digital marketing, promotions, public relations, app design, cybersecurity, etc., please add those extra skills under “Other skills”.
(Some projects may be of benefit within or outside of the scope of the project if you have multiple skills/experiences you’re able to contribute.)

If you’re a group, band, or entity, put your specialty, music genre in “Other Skills”.
For example: “Genre: Heavy Metal”, “Corporate Specialty: Lighting and Visual Effects”

Other Skills:

Can you film, take a photo, or record your voice with high-quality formatting software from a remote location for a job, if offered?*

Please check which contract you’re applying for. Read below for more details. *

Exclusive Contract:

  • One-year contract with automatic renewal.
    (Cancellation notice: 2 months before the expiration date, excluding ongoing project.)
  • Any job in Japan must filter through BAE. BAE will also vet the clients to verify their legitimacy.
  • Introduction of yourself with photos in Japanese on our website.
  • Will feature your story for one week on the website. (Optional)
  • Depending on the size of the project, you’ll receive support for immigration and legal support, contract drawing, pay negotiations, income tax convention applications, etc.

Non-Exclusive Contract:

  • You’re free to work with anyone and any company in Japan.
  • Your photos and simple/short bio will be listed in Japanese on our website.
  • No legal, translation, negotiation, immigration assistance by BAE, unless you are a Japan resident.

Above is the basic contract to register with us.
There will be separate contracts for projects.
After careful consideration of the project or based on scheduling conflicts, BAE reserves the right not to liaise for you and the potential client. Upon choosing which contract you’re interested in signing with us, we’ll be sending you an invite for a short interview process (or communication by email.)

(Optional)* Have you received your Covid vaccination?

*Japan residents must answer #5. If you choose not to answer, please be advised that your likely chance of being booked for jobs may decrease depending on the clients.

If you’re approved, all job offers/casting calls will be announced via either FB or Instagram private accounts (or other methods of communication). Please check which account you have currently. If you have both, check both.

Personal Details

Full Legal Name*

If you’re a group, band, or business, please put your representative name first followed by the entity name.
(Example: John Doe / Band Name: BAE)

Email Address*
Main Contact
Current Home/Business Address*
Country of Citizenship*
Spoken Language(s)*

[ Below information is necessary for talents/models/performers. If you’re not any of those, type “000” ]

Hair Color*
Eye Color*








Shoe Size*


Tattoos or Obvious Major Scars*
*Please provide a description
Visa Type* (Japan residents only):

If you don’t live in Japan, type “N/A”

Attach resume/CV, photos, demo reel, video footage, etc.

A. Your photos must be a minimum of 2MB in size without watermarks and name/information.

B. Your demo reel/video must be copyright-free with no watermarks and name/information.
(Video must be a minimum of 720p resolution and no longer than two minutes each.)
If you’re sending your video/voice samples via the cloud, please be sure to include the login/password for accessibility. By giving us the accessibility, you’re hereby granting BAE to obtain those files for the vetting process only. If you’re approved, you’re also hereby granting BAE to create and edit your profile in order to cater to the clients.

C. If you’re a foreigner living in Japan, please send a copy of your visa card (front/back).

REQUIREMENTS: Maximum size of total attachments allowed is 1GB. If your files are larger than that, please send a link via google drive. If you don’t hear back from us within 1-2 weeks, please contact us.

For Models/Talents/Performers: Headshots, waist-up, and full-body shots. (Maximum 6 photos)
For an individual, please attach the best headshots and/or photos from work (must be copyright-free, minimum of 3 photos required).
If you’re a band or a group, send up to 6 versions of photos.

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