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Register With Us
Thank you for your interest in registering with us.
This registration is available to individuals, groups, or corporate partnerships.
Before proceeding further, please read below.

Registering With BAE:

Applying for registration with BAE by submitting your information online, does not guarantee approval of your registration by BAE. For residents of Japan, once your registration is reviewed, we will also request additional personal information (My Number) as well as your ID to verify you and your eligibility to work in Japan.

Upon receiving your application for registration, we will review the application and may contact your references to verify your credentials. If we find any false information, you will be denied registration; or, if we learn of false information after registration approval, your registration will immediately be revoked. For corporate partnerships, we will also require your proof of residency certificate from the government of the country where your office is located prior to approving your registration. Please fill out the information truthfully. Being honest matters.

For those of you who unfortunately may be turned down registration with us, your personal information will not be retained by BAE and will be removed from our servers.

BAE is a representative of itself and is not a promotional tool for others, including approved registrants. Accordingly, registrants are advised that upon approval, individuals, groups, and corporate partnerships will not have their full names, group/business names, or contact information disclosed on our website.


Once approved and registered with BAE, BAE does not guarantee you a job. It means that you are registered with us for potential work, here in Japan. We are committed to providing you with the best offer that fits your profile. BAE has partnerships with various companies in Japan whereupon receiving inquiries, BAE will announce the job calls/casting calls to qualified registrants with BAE. Once BAE provides you with an announcement, it is then up to you to apply and go through the screening process with the client of BAE, the employer, to be considered for the job. BAE also may based on your profile, contact you directly to collaborate with us on a project. These jobs/projects could be a few days (for example, commercial shoots), or short to long term. An example of a short-term job, if there is a touring show in Japan and they need temporary technical staff, we may reach out to you for your availability. Long-term can be from several weeks to months or possibly years.

Japan has laws and regulations governing this field as well as the hiring of foreigners, immigration and visas, and a unique business model and set of ethics. Our company abides by those laws and regulations, as well as implements new laws governing the field as they are introduced. Therefore, depending on which country you are from, be advised that based on Japanese law, you may be denied entry into Japan or otherwise be prohibited from working on a project even if offered to you by the client.


For a “PRIMARY” position, you must have a minimum of 5-years of experience.*
For a “SECONDARY” position, you must have a minimum of 3-years of experience.*
*For 01-04 categories, you must have above stated years of experience with a minimum audience attendance or theater size of 1800+ seating capacity. Resident-show experience is a plus.

01-04 categories are only offered to foreign residents (not living in Japan).
Each category will show three(3) short introductions of registrants with a photo, as you see on our website in the order that your information is received, approved, and uploaded. These categories will be viewed in a private link by potential clients as well as our corporate partners after vetting their project legitimacy. Then, the clients will have access to see your full composites/profile/video/demo reel/photos, etc.

05 category is for residents of Japan with a proper working visa and Japanese nationals (with bilingual skills), which our legal team will oversee due to recent immigration law changes.
This category, comprised of local residents, will be open to the public due to their immediate-hire status.

How do I pass the vetting process?

Be honest as possible when filling out your information. Your resume should coincide with any resume you post on all digital platforms, just like you apply for a job. You must include a minimum of three references, preferably from your management of previous employers.

First Rule of Thumb – What You Need to Know About Working in Japan

All email replies must be within 48 hours.

The faster you respond, the better chances you’ll have at being considered as a candidate for a project that the client is looking for.

Japan is very centered on punctuality and timeliness. Through our experience, the majority of jobs individuals were chosen for but dropped and then passed on to the next candidate, were due to punctuality issues. Because we’re dealing with time zone differences, please keep that in mind when replying.

If you had an emergency and this is the reason why you couldn’t reply on time, please be responsible and explain your situation – avoid coming across with excuses. Once you’re approved to be listed in our system, you’ll receive further instructions.


Our role as a company is to educate you, the registrant, and the client, to make a project or job happen. We pledge to offer the most advanced and creative art as well as technology that meets and/or exceeds the clients’ ultimate goals to deliver a breathtaking experience to their target audience.
As we vet your registrations, we also vet the clients, too, to ensure their legitimacy.

For foreign applicants, our company has a team of experts in legal, visas, and taxes and will do our best to ensure your experience, as well as the clients’, will be a positive one.

For those of you residing in Japan under a certain visa type, we also have a separate visa support system. The immigration lawyer will charge a fee but there are various options you can choose from to make your out-of-pocket expense minimal.